Dr. Smoothie Creme
Dr. Smoothie Creme

Rich, milky and decadent. Cafe Essentials’ Crèmes are better basics meant to impress. Blend and serve as a standalone drink or use as a base to showcase the flavor of your choice.

Ships in 5/3.5 lb. bags
*Organic Vanilla Creme ships in 3/3.25 lb. bags

Out of Stock - Cookies & Cream - A classic pairing of chocolate cookies and sweet cream
Cream Base - A creamy and versatile neutral base for beverage crafting (also comes in a 25 lb. box)
Horchata - A creamy, sweet treat of simmered rice, cinnamon bark and a touch of vanilla
*Organic Vanilla Cream - An indulgent flavor experience, made with organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla
Vanilla Bean - Cocoa and Colombian Arabica coffee mingle in this light yet creamy blend
Vanilla Cream - Distinct vanilla notes in a rich creamy base (also comes in a 25 lb. box)
White Chocolate - A rich and buttery white chocolate, delicious as a standalone or used as a base
Yogurt Cream
- A refreshingly creamy yogurt base boasting pre and probiotics

No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners - no preservatives - gluten-free*

*except cookies and cream

Minimum order 1 case
As always - Free Shipping

Item# Item Name Qty Add
DrSCreme-0002 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Cream Base 25 lb. box 60501
DrSCreme-0003 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Cream Base 60475
61024 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Creme Brulee 61024
DrSCreme-0004 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Horchata 60476
61025 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Mint White Chocolate 61025
DrSCreme-0005 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Organic Vanilla Cream 60477
DrSCreme-0006 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Vanilla Bean 60478
DrSCreme-0007 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Vanilla Cream 25 lb. box 60500
DrSCreme-0008 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Vanilla Cream 60473
DrSCreme-0009 Dr. Smoothie Creme - White Chocolate 60479
DrSCreme-0010 Dr. Smoothie Creme - Yogurt Cream 60480
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